To empower women, Prerna initiated vocational training program, workshop/capacity building, and education for girl child, scholarship for girl child and many other projects for women and girls. We conduct workshops to address the sensitive issues such as domestic violence, abused & violated rights of women and gender discrimination. We deliver some supportive services like legal aid/advice, medical care, counseling, mediation, reconciliation, resettlement and re-integration.

Education on Hygiene


It has been 3 years, since Prerna took the initiative towards empowering women and girls by educating them about maintaining hygiene during menstruation periods. In India, many women and girls are facing difficulties and challenges due to ignorance of personal hygiene and lack of awareness about mensuration tract infections. Through our survey in rural and slum areas in India, we gathered the facts that women and girls are not aware of hygiene during their mensuration periods. One fact is also there that sanitary products is not available everywhere or if it is available then they are unable to afford the such high cost. Hence they rely on used cloth pad which they wash and use it again. Moreover, at some places in India, women use pad by filling sand and newspaper to absorb menstrual blood, which is very unhygienic for their health. Hence many of them dealing with bacterial infection of urinary and reproductive tract ensue. The problem of using pads has been extended in such a way that women who are using sanitary pads, are not aware to use it properly and dispose it correctly. We also have been facing the problems while discussing on hygiene during their menstruation periods because most of the women and girls are not open to discuss it with us as they feel very shy while putting their views on it. Women and girls do not have the platform to get the information or discuss such issues.


We realized that there should be a platform where women and girls should be educated on such important issue related to their life. Hence we came up with an initiative to raise the awareness about hygiene and proper method to use sanitary pads. We have striving an emphasis to use sanitary products in a manner which is safe for their health.




More than 8675 women and girls have been educated through our workshops and programs on hygiene. We have reached to urban and rural areas where these women and girls have lack of knowledge. Our endeavor is to raise the awareness on hygiene and sanitation among women and girls and empower them.