Health is the most important part of human being for all purpose. In order to promote good health and raise mass awareness about sensitive issue like cancer, Prerna decided to organize free health checkup camps  to address the issue of cancer among the people who live in unhygienic condition or not aware about the infected disease. Prerna has been organizing free health checkup and early detection cancer camps in semi urban and rural areas to ensure the health of the women, girls and old age people. To create awareness about cancer, Prerna conducts camp in cooperation with Roko Cancer Organization at various locations in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Our main objective is to create awareness on causes of cancer and early detection of breast cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer.

We also organize general health checkup camps for clusters with the help of qualified medical staff. During these health check-up camps we provide medical treatment and medicines on the spot for the beneficiaries. We are also extending care through hospitalization of patients with serious nature disease. We organize the following type of camps:-

  – Mother and child health care (MCH) & family planning camps. – General health check-up camps. – Tuberculosis Awareness camps. – Dental check-up camps. – HIV/AIDS Awareness camps. – Malaria /Dengu awareness camps.  

Besides all our NFE centre are provided with first aid boxes for minor cuts, burns etc. Medical treatments on emergency for Children are also provided by us. Medical camps and providing free medicines to the needy is also conducted regularly.