In India there is a lot of students dropping out primary and secondary education and seeking vocational training during their adult hood/after marriage to support their family economically. Accordingly, PRERNA is facilitating the training program to the needy approaching the organization. Vocational training is the backbone for each and every one to earn for day to day livelihood. Vocational training for youth is an integral part of social work that we have been doing from the inception. We have now succeeded in strengthening our activities in this field. This is particularly relevant in the context of children/youth that did not have the opportunity to complete their education or learn useful skills for making them profitably self employed and able to stand on their own feet.


We are conducting Vocational training programmes covering a broad range on following subjects:

• Computer training
• Dress making (Cutting, tailoring & Embroidery)
• Jewelry making
• Cooking
• Painting
• Mobile Repairing
• Electrical
• Greeting Card Making
• Candle making
• Driving classes.
• TV, Electrical appliance repair and service
• Automobile repair and service