PRERNA is running non-formal education (NFE) centers based on the SCERT scheme as well as formal education for the children of Homeless community. The education ensures the enjoyment of childhood and also provides various positive ways/options for future.
If we analysis the details of negative elements/ persons, the basic reason for their negative attitude is emerging from their improper childhood atmosphere. Hence PRERNA is giving highest attention to education of children. PRERNA is regularly and successfully enrolling girls and boys in the Class 10th/12th through National Institute of open school (NIOS).


Educate Me Project

Educate Me project is an International Project, driven to educate children from all over states of India but primarily for Punjab State as the biggest issue confronting by the people, a drugs epidemic that is sweeping the state and famers are committing suicide due to unable to repay the debt hence  with the concern to make the Punjab State drugs free, we commenced the project and educating more and more children to direct their energy into education so that every family in Punjab would have enough means to eke out their livelihood.
There are many obstacles and inequalities in access to educate in India; further affecting the entire life of the underprivileged and disadvantaged children, stunting their intellectual development and limiting their employment option. Understanding this, Prerna identified education as one of the powerful tool that could transform the lives of the children and their generation. In the consideration of education, Prerna has designed and implemented the Educate Me Project in 2014 in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and many other states in  North India. Under this project, Prerna provides need based scholarships to underprivileged and disadvantages children who drop their education due to financial crisis or unable to continue education. We observed that scholarship programme has played a key role in building confidence and motivating students to excel in their lives.
We have directed our efforts towards making a transformative impact in the field of Education, community development, health and Disaster response. 2863 students were provided scholarship so far which results significant changes in access quality education and increased number of children enrolled in the school and reduced the number of school dropout children.


Balika Vidhya Voucher Scheme (BVVS)

Balika Vidhya Vocher Scheme was commenced in 2015 to promote the girl child education and reduce the school dropout girl child rate by reducing financial burden of the parents. Only education ensures the enjoyment of childhood and also provides various positive waysoptions for future of every individual.  GIRL CHILD EDUCATION is the only tool to counter a lot of other social, health and economical related issues in every family


Promotion of girl child education

Equality in educational opportunity for girls.

Reduction in girl child school dropout rate.

Reduce possibilities of CHILD MARRIAGE.

Improve the standard in Government schools

Improve the infrastructure of the government schools.


Why Special Focus?

  • To cover and support the genuine children who are left out from Government Schemes or not eligible for Government Schemes. 
  • Economically backward girls between the classes 6th and 8th will be covered under BALIKA VIDYA VOUCHER SCHEME.
  • Girls who are financially weak, have a vulnerable family background and are struggle for their basic education.
  • The focus would be on districts which have very low literacy rate for girls
  • In this project, we sponsor books, school dress, school fees, stationary and transport facilities to the girls who want to study and have set of dreams to be completed. Without any hindrance we have been putting efforts to add wings to the dreams of the girls who have zeal to achieve their goals. Approximately 163 girls have been sponsored so far for their education in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR. In an attempt to sponsor more girls, we are contributing our best efforts to reach out more and more girls.
  • Sponsor a girl child education and make the positive change in her life


Adult Education


Our organization has attempted to facilitate a program that encourages adult literacy and teachers valuable skills. For example, adults enrolled in the program receive a primary education to understand the vocational requirements of day to day life.